On this Web site exclusively Open Source Software is used, i.e. the source code is freely accessible. This software is programmed by people in their leisure time and usually provided to the community gratuitously.

The following list contains the links to the projects / programmers whose software is used on this Web site. Thank you to this point!

  • Apache Server: the Apache HTTP Server is a product of the Apache Software Foundation and the most widely used Web server on the Internet. The Apache (the name was chosen out of respect for the North American Indian tribe of the Apaches) is written in the C programming language and offers the ability to create dynamic Web pages using server-side scripting languages.
  • MySQL: the MySQL server is a Relational Database Management System (RDMS) which allows to store, read and output information that is needed to dynamically generate Web sites with the help of various scripting languages.
  • PHP: a widely used scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be included into HTML.
  • Joomla!: " Joomla! is a so-called Content Management System (CMS), which makes it possible to build the content of a Web site in an easy way. It is ideal for small and medium-sized sites, but also large portals have already been realized with this system. Joomla! is very easy to use and therefore ensures rapid success with the user. Another feature is its flexibility. A variety of extensions are available to integrate a lot of additional functionality into Joomla!. The Project Joomla! is a further development of the award-winning CMS mambo. Joomla! is free software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It is written mainly in PHP and requires a MySQL database. (Source:"
  • jDownloads, a complex download manager to manage extensive download archives.
  • Xmap, a component for easy creation of Sitemaps.

  • The Icons used on this site are mainly from the Silk Icon Set by Mark James.
  • Creating the Joom::Gallery-Logo was realized by using the font Space Age from Justin Callaghan. Thanks for the approval, Justin!
  • Our site is protected with the help of and Project Honey Pot against Content Grabber, Hijacker, eMail Harvester and Spammer.
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