JoomGallery 2.1

After a long time without any news we are proud to release the new JoomGallery 2.1 today. Besides a few bug fixes we integrated a lot of new functionality:

  • Additional fields for different data can be added to categories and images with the help of plugins (see here for more information).
  • Drop down boxes for categories can be replaced with Ajax search boxes. This is very important for galleries with a huge amount of categories because performance will be improved with that.
  • The used GoogleMaps-API was changed to version 3. With that no more API key is necessary for most of the sites.
  • With an additional option you can configure the gallery to use random thumbnails for categories for which no thumbnail was chosen. Until now you had to use random thumbnails for all categories or to select thumbnails for each of them.
  • The gallery uses the meta data set up at the menu item for every view now (if there aren't any meta data specified for the displayed category or thumbnail).
  • With an additional button it is possible to add all images of category to the favourites with one action. This way a user can download all images of a category in a zip archive, too.

Since Joomla! 3.0 will be released very soon, JoomGallery 2.1 is the last feature release of the 2.x series. Although there will be bug fix releases when appropriate, no more features will be added to JoomGallery 2. This is because we are a very small team that can develop new functionality for only one major version which will be JoomGallery 3 then. Please note that it is also save now to create template overrides for JoomGallery 2 without having to adapt them again because it is very unlikely that we have to change many layout files in a bug fix release.

Additionally we want to announce that the support of JoomGallery 1.5 will end with the release of JoomGallery 3 for Joomla! 3. Please note that no date for that has been set up yet. If you want to help us speeding everything up you could e.g. post answers in our forum or translate JoomGallery into other languages. For that please simply register on Transifex and join one of the translation teams.

Have fun with the new version!

JoomGallery 2.1
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