The developer team

M. Andreas Böttcher (mab)

M. Andreas BöttcherIn short: born in 1964, carpenter and computer scientist for systems integration. Living in Detmold.

In October 2005 I was looking for a gallery component for a planned website. Of the components directly usable in Joomla, I only liked PonyGallery. But it did not fit my requirements, e.g. it was not multilingual. Thus, without any PHP knowledge and overestimating my capabilities, I started to modify the gallery and published the modifications.

The extensive feedback of the users was my motivation to continue working on it. But without the help from other people this project would not be possible. I would have to capitulate regarding the needs of the community without Benjamin, Andreas and Patrick joining the team.

Besides, the planned website has not been realized until today because I’m using nearly all my free time for further development of the gallery and support. But I will continue to do so, to realize my vision of this gallery …

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Andreas (aHa)

Andreas Hartmann

I’m living in Hamburg and working in application development. Due to the fact that one of my hobbies is photography, I built a website with Mambo and later on with Joomla!. This lead me to the gallery components of Joomla!

After working with Menalto Gallery2 in the beginning of 2007 I heard of Ponygallery ML. This gallery was in my opinion efficient and easy in handling. Before, I had been looking for something like this in vain.

Further on, the support of mab and b2m amongst others in the german Joomla! Forum impressed me a lot. The dedicated thread with thousand posts is legendary by now. At that time I started with modifications of the frontend by CSS and programming PHP. I'm a team member since August 2007.


Patrick (chraneco)

Patrick AltI am 24 years old and I'am currently studying Computer Science at GeorgiaTech. I started to learn PHP in 2007 because we wanted to change our school website to Joomla!. And there we were in need of a component for coaching exchange, amongst others. PonyGallery ML was our first choice for a gallery component.

Besides our school website, I started to work on the website of my table tennis club. Unfortunately, we decided to use Joomla 1.5, so we couldn’t use PonyGallery ML. Thus, I decided to port PonyGallery ML to Joomla 1.5 by myself.

The feedback I received in the Joomla portal was very positive. And so I joined the development team.

Mainly I was responsible for a native and bug free version of the JoomGallery running in Joomla! 1.5 natively. Then, I completely rewrote the code base such that it follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) software pattern making it easily extendable. Currently, I'm developing new features for the gallery and improve its performance.

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The test team


Claudia Engel (Claudia E.)

Claudia EngelI am a teacher in an elementary school in Berlin.

Everything I know about PC/web is worked out by learning by doing. In the beginning of 2007 I tried out Joomla. I have never searched for a suitable gallery. for Joomla, since the beginning I used PonyGallery ML. Meanwhile I tried out other galleries but I am always happy to have my PonyGallery ML.

In this team I could be all thumbs ;-) and I am relying on everything working easily. I'm not able in programming, so maybe I represent the main part of the Pony- (Joom) users.

Thus I am happy and thankful to test the JoomGallery fulfilling daily use




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